Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bring Back Lost Patients to Your Practice

Bring Back Your Lost Patients Now!

Tips for More Effective Recalls

Provided by Brett Gerlach, President of Brevium:

Keep recall notices brief. A brief card will generate twice as many appointments as a long letter, so don't mix practice news or new doctor introductions with recall notices. Just remind patients it's time for a visit to take care of their eyes and ask them to call your office.

Send out recall notices frequently, in small batches. Sending recall notices out generates incoming calls. Big, infrequent batches generate big spikes in call volumes that will tie up telephones and turn off patients. Divide notices into small, frequent batches to smooth out the load on scheduling.

Schedule appointments 12 months or more into the future to avoid overusing recalls. Once an appointment is made, the probability of a patient returning for a visit rises significantly, so avoid using recalls unless absolutely necessary. If you can, always schedule a return appointment before the patient leaves the office.

Follow up with patients who don't respond to recalls by developing an outbound calling system. Also, follow up on patients who cancel appointments or fail to show up for a scheduled appointment so these patients return for needed care.

OptiCall and Brevium have partnered to help you identify and bring back your lost patients. Utilizing Brevium's specialized software, our team of highly qualified phone counselors will personally call to reactivate these missing patients in your existing patient database.

Our Success Rate:
• On average, 100 reactivated scheduled appointments each month
• At an average value of $150 per appointment this program can generate $15,000 or more each month
• An expected $180,000 or higher generated annually

You don't want to miss our next webinar on May 26th, presented by Bill Mercier of OptiCall and Steve Gottfredson of Brevium.

Increase Practice Volume By Bringing Lost Patients Back

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