Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you want to be better than just good?

Trying something new, going out on a limb – it can be a scary and sometimes expensive proposition. But...

“Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is.” - Will Rogers

Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit, we stop at the same coffee house each morning, take the same route to work, check our emails and facebook page, and work each day into the next.

For many Ophthalmic practices, sticking to their true and tried methods of memorable patient care and scrutinizing the bottom line has and will continue to serve good enough. But is good enough really good enough? In the spirit of constant pursuit of improvement and profitability, we all should look for new ways, new ideas, and new approaches that not only compliment our successful methods of yesterday, but will ensure a successful business for tomorrow.

So rather than engage in the all too common, bland, and frankly unproductive method of pointing out the obvious issues practices struggle with, today I’d like to share with you actual success that practices are experiencing right now by trying something new.BoomerangTM – A Patient Reactivation program that focuses on bringing back your “lost” managed care patients. To define “lost” we are referring to your existing patients that are due or overdue for routine vision care appointments at which your traditional patient recall methods of yesterday have failed at bringing these patients back to you.

BoomerangTM Benefit Facts;
• Practices are benefiting on average of $10,000 of incremental revenue each month (based on conservative average appointment value of $150)
• Increased surgical volume such as LASIK and Cataract procedures.
• Doctor’s schedules are being filled.
• On average expect a 500% ROI

How BoomerangTM Works;
 We partner with Brevium Inc. to install their patient reactivation technology, which syncs with your practice management system and identifies patients that are due or over due for appointments.
 Our patient counselor personally calls your patients and schedules them directly into your practice management system.
 Monthly reports are provided showing quantity of patients scheduled and revenue generated from these efforts.

How Much Does BoomerangTM Cost?
 One time set up fee $750
 $300 fee per month up to 3 doctors
 $99 fee per month each additional doctor when applicable
 $25 per appointment scheduled and KEPT

What Others Are Saying
 BoomerangTM has saved numerous 'archaic' hours of tedious chart pulling for recall. I can honestly say it is extremely exciting to utilize, reporting is amazing, and the results are instantaneous!

 In two years BoomerangTM program has added 446 cataract surgeries, 7,426 patients reactivated and over $2.78 million in receipts.

 In just 12 months BoomerangTM program has added 200 cataract surgeries, 2,104 patients reactivated and over $380,000 in receipts.

BoomerangTM Guarantee
 Guarantee positive ROI or your money back.

To learn more or start your 3 month trial, please feel free to contact us at (941) 893-2400.

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