Friday, August 28, 2009

Call Answering Solutions

“We are either assisting other patients, out to lunch or you are calling after hours…”

An existing patient calling your office and hearing this message is very likely to stay on hold or leave a message.

However a perspective patient calling your practice for the first time and hearing this message… There is an 85% chance they will hang up and call one of your competitors.

Our research has shown that less that 15% of perspective patients actually leave a message when getting your practices voice mail and more than 30% of perspective patients calling become a lost lead.

A challenge very common to us all is finding the balance of having the proper amount of qualified staff to manage patient calls. Many times the staff is required to multitask by answering phones, checking patients in/out, filing, making follow up calls, conducting patient consultations, etc. Another common struggle is to maintain employees, staff turn over, sick days, vacations etc. Ultimately the telephone becomes more of a distraction rather than an opportunity.

With our Call Answering Solutions, we become an extension of your staff. A seamless integration that maintains the patient’s perspective that our counselors are part of your practice.

• Call Answering programs offering support from your business hours to evening and weekend coverage.

• Programs are tailored to best represent your practice with proper and updated information.

• All calls are recorded and continually monitored for quality assurance.

• Your administrative energies and resources are confidently freed to focus on patient care.

• An economical solution to call handling needs.

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